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gliderpilot.net currently provides 3 discussion groups for you to take part in. You must be registered and logged on at gliderpilot.net to read and post messages.

u.r.a.s is a web based discussion group primarily for British gliding discussion. This is a web based group and you can only post messages with a valid email address. If you wish to post anonymously for more contentious issues then please visit....

u.r.a.s.b is the place for light hearted discussion and banter on about pretty much any topic. Posts can be made to appear anonymous/false addresses but you must be a reigstered user and all posts are logged to the registered user. Please do not make offensive or litigous comments on u.r.a.s.b or make personal attacks on any person, group or organisation. If you wish to report an inappropriate posting on u.r.a.s.b (or any of the other groups for that matter) then please contact gliderpilot.net.

The original soaring newsgroup on usenet. gliderpilot.net provides a portal through to r.a.s allowing users with no NNTP/Usenet access to read and post to r.a.s. This is a public forum hosted on news servers worldwide and as such, gliderpilot.net has no control over posts made here other than posts originating from gliderpilot.net users.

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